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Single Girder Overhead Crane

Single Girder Overhead Crane - Mechanical Maintenance Industries - Nigeria
Weihua Cranes together with customer
Delivery Time: September, 2012
Country: Nigeria
Project Name: Nigeria Mechanical Overhaul Plant Renovation Project
Industry: Mechanical Maintenance Industry
Crane: electric single girder overhead crane
Quantity: 5 sets
Nigeria customer in Weihua Cranes
Single girder overhead crane model: LD10t
Single beam overhead crane span: 13.5m-22 meters
Single girder bridge crane lifting height: 9m-12 m
Single girder overhead crane working level: A4
Single beam bridge crane operation: Driver’s cabin, ground control
Single girder crane running length: 100 meters
Single girder overhead crane lifting items: mechanical parts
Single girder bridge crane configuration: soft start motor, Schneider Electric, crane traveling frequency control.
Nigeria customer acceptance of bridge crane
The electric single girder overhead cranes are used for mechanical overhaul plant in Nigeria renovation project. For concrete plant re-build, use angle power slide. Frequent use, the assembly is more precise, using two-speed MD electric hoist, crane traveling with frequency control.
Nigeria customer visit Weihua Cranes workshop

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