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Hoisting Machinery Union to Weihua Cranes

April 10, Beijing Lifting and Transport Machinery Design and Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Beijing D&R Institute), vice president and chief engineer Zhang led the lifting machinery reduction industry technology innovation strategic union visit Weihua Cranes.

Hoisting machinery union leaders view Weihua Crane new type electric hoist workshop
Hoisting Machinery reduction industrial technology innovation strategic union leaders view Weihua Crane new type electric hoist workshop

Hoisting machinery Union leaders  view Weihua Crane new European standard Eletric hoist
Hoisting machinery Union leaders gathered to view Weihua Crane new European standard Eletric hoist

Hoisting machinery union leaders communicate with Weihua Cranes engineer
Hoisting machinery Union leaders communicate with Weihua Cranes engineer

"Hoisting Machinery Reduction Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Union" is led by Beijing D&R Institute, united by related lifting machinery technology production enterprises, research institutes, universities, technical services and others, provides important support for the independent innovation system construction of crane industry. The Union is committed to lifting machinery reduction (including crane structure reduction, energy reduction, process reduction, emission reduction, reliability, security, etc.), technology research and development and the achievements popularization, common perfect hoisting machinery reduction design theory and manufacturing system, contribute for the green environmental protection and sustainable development of hoisting machinery products. 
Weihua Crane as a professional manufacture of various types of lifting equipment, electric hoist production and sales continuously win the first. Weihua Cranes have successfully exported to more than 90 countries and regions such as the United States, Great Britain, Russia, India, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Mongolia, South Korea, Australia, Southeast Asia, the Mid-East, etc. And get well reputation for users. Weihua Cranes independent research and development of ND steel wire rope electric hoist is applied for more than 10 patents, it has the advantage of light deadweight, wheel pressure is small, free maintenance, etc., get good response from the market. For this reason, Weihua Crane has also been included in the strategic union enterprises.
Weihua Crane director introduce in detail of the performance and characteristics of Weihua Crane new European standard products to the union leaders, as well as measures taken in crane product innovation, quality control, information construction and so on. Weihua Cranes production technology and production processes also attracted strong interest of union leaders, they communicate with the company engineers, and expressed admiration of Weihua Crane’s achievement in energy saving, reduction and other aspects.


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